Mother’s Day

13 05 2012

I have done two posts that are not posted. I guess I need to do more homework about blogging!!

Well, today was Mother’s Day. I come from a long line of independent, strong-willed women. I am pretty proud of that. We have tormented the men in our lives for generations back. I am grateful for these examples in my life and in the lives of my children.

I am also grateful for my fabulous kids. My kids really all do love each other very much. They have never been too much on fighting with each other. Don’t get me wrong – they harass each other at times as all siblings will do, but Lord have mercy if someone else picks on one of them. They will come to each other’s defence with a vengeance. I like that about them too. Even if that means I am the target sometimes.

I think I have learned more from my kids than they ever learned from me. One of those times was about a year ago when someone attacked our family. This person told one of my kids in no uncertain terms that her bisexual brother was not OK. I will spare you all the horrible things he said, but along with it he assured her that our family was in the wrong as well. That as a family we were “flaunting” and “parading” my son’s sexuality for the world to see. My daughter responded by saying, “You know those families that have a family member that they are ashamed of and they hide them in a closet? Well, we are NOT that kind of family.”

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT WE ARE NOT! I love all of my children. I would do ANYthing for them. I certainly hope they know that!




One response

24 05 2012

Woohoo! Good for your daughter for being an amazing sister! Hopefully everyone can be lucky enough to have siblings who are willing to stand up for them!

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