Simple Logic

21 05 2012

Isn’t it funny how in life things we often think are a big deal end up being no big deal at all? Then sometimes something we think is routine ends up being a big deal completely! Life is funny isn’t it? I have just quit trying to figure it out. It always changes anyway. My journey through my awakening to the truth about homosexuality was like that. The things I had previously thought ended up being actually silly and the things I hadn’t considered have enhanced my life in a big way.

So, why is it when we think of a same-sex couple we immediately think about what they are doing in the bedroom? Lordy – I certainly hope when someone meets my husband and I for the first time they aren’t thinking about how we have sex!! Gross – huh?!! So, why do we do that with same – sex attraction. Get a memo – it isn’t all about sex for them, just like it isn’t all about sex for a heterosexual couple. I am not sure why that logical thought never entered my mind on its own. It seems so obvious now.

Sex is a small part of who a person is – straight or queer. I have a friend who says “the real perverts are the people obsessed with other people’s sex lives”. I think he has a very valid point. Why is that where our minds go? It is a bit perverted, isn’t it?

One of the first pieces of advice I received was “stop thinking about sex” when my son came out. It was excellent advice. And I needed to hear it. It is funny to me now how when we hear someone is queer we immediately go to that place. Wonder why my first thoughts were not “will he find someone he can connect with on an emotional level? Someone who ‘gets’ him and he ‘gets’ them?” Oh no – immediately think of the sex part. I wish I had an answer  – I think as humans we are just weird. Is that an answer? Because whether people are admitting it or not – we all do it – or used to until some smart person said “sex is a small part of who your child is”.

My son has said “quit telling people that I haven’t dated”. So, I am only going to say this once – this one time, in this one blog. I find it funny the people who hear my son is bisexual and assume he is a slut, sleeps with everyone – men and women. Or WANTS to sleep with everyone – as he says “UGH!! Don’t flatter yourself!” Here is what he is tired of hearing me say – he has not dated ANYone! Nope – 19 and has not been out with a soul. He is a picky guy. I just think people have very WRONG interpretations of this supposedly “Gay Lifestyle or Agenda” and how it will take over the world and drop ship us all into hell of some sort.

Are there queer people who sleep around. YES! Are there heterosexual people who sleep around? YES! Are there queer people in long-term committed relationships? YES! Are there heterosexual people getting divorced at 50% rate? YES! Bottom line? We just need to look at facts and not fiction. We need to get real on this issue and be smart about figuring it out. It is simple logic if you think about it.




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