People are Surprising

30 05 2012

Once the initial shock wore off, and I began coming to peace with my son’s coming out, something different happened to me. It was kind of like a fire in my belly that slowly grew. It was passion, it was truth, it was a mission. I knew I would never idly sit by again and watch someone bash someone because “the bible says so”.

I was very tentative for a number of reasons – first of all, I wanted to show respect to my son. I didn’t feel it my place to share his story. At the same time, I had my own story as a mom and did want to begin sharing that in hopes of helping other parents along in their process. At first I always asked my son before speaking to anyone. He always gave his permission. In fact, after about the 100th time I asked he exclaimed, “Mom – tell anyone anything – I don’t care!” I think he was just tired of me asking.

I still want to respect him though. Even in writing this blog I hesitate at times and have him read the posts before I post them. Well, I did the first three posts anyway. Until he said, “Mom – write whatever you want – it is fine with me!” I think he was tired of my asking again. HA The truth is – this is my mission, not his. I try to write from my perspective – not his. I appreciate his trust in me and don’t ever want him to regret that. He is really consumed with composing his music and just living his life. This is my gig.

Another reason I hesitated to speak up at first was my fear that people would begin treating him differently. It has been interesting to see the people who stuck by us and the ones who have left. It was not the ones I expected in either direction. I can tell you this – I will choose my child anytime, anywhere over anyone else. I am tired of the prejudice from people of faith. Especially as a person of faith – honestly, they sicken me. I also think of their children who might be gay or bisexual, or transgender. I so wish they could feel the regret I know of having my son in a church where he was condemned. I guess that is one I will take with me to the grave. I know this – some people are willing to listen, and some people will never hear it. I just pray they hear it before they cause too much damage for the next generation.

We are always told that we are on this earth for a reason. I think I have found mine. I feel so impassioned to speak out for LGBT people everywhere – and especially to people of faith. They need to know the truth about the bible. They need to come face to face with the reality of the damage and hurt they are causing. I will be a PFLAG mom long after my son is off having his own life someplace. I will be here offering love to kids who have been rejected by their families. I will be speaking out and speaking up for the rest of my days.





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30 05 2012

You are an amazing person Michele !! God bless you as you go forth on your mission , I believe it truly is your mission 🙂 changing people’s opinions , offering support , refusing to be silent!! the list goes on . Thank you Mucheke for listening to your calling . Your an inspiration to us all !!

30 05 2012

Good grief spell check!! Mucheke – should be Michele 🙂 how could it butcher such a wonderful NAME !! Sorry 😉

30 05 2012

you can call me anything you want – as long as you call me!!! haha !! thanks sweet Melissa!! Love you!!

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