6 06 2012

Pride will be here in a week and a half!! I am so excited!! Last year was our first time to attend a Pride event. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as a straight person at Pride. It was a blast!! I think all we ever see of Pride is the craziness of the parades. Pride is so much more than that! Amazing workshops, fun entertainment, and stories… oh the stories.

I was really touched this week by a video and news report about a large group of Mormons marching in the pride parade in SLC, Utah. The video made me cry. I know first hand what it is like as a person of faith to be supportive of LGBT people. It is so rare for them to see that side of us. People are usually so busy trying to “save their soul” that they rarely even take time to find out who they are. Their stories are beautiful.

Last year, in spite of all the fun, I left Pride with a very heavy heart. I had gone to Pride wearing a T-shirt that says, “Hurt by the Church? Get a st8 apology here”. I had A LOT of response to that shirt. Only a few people actually asked for an apology – but it did open the door for many to share their stories with me. Stories of how they have been hurt. Many have been totally rejected and cut off from their families due to coming out. I had a heavy heart because somehow over the weekend I started carrying some of their pain. I also feel so sad for the parents. Parents who are missing out on the joy of being in their kid’s lives all because of a messed up understanding of the bible. I wonder when their child was born if they held that little one in their arms in awe like I did my children? Did they think “I will do anything for this child, as long as they are straight.” I highly doubt it – but that is actually what they are doing when they turn their back on them. Imagine the child coming out – doing one of the hardest things they can do, tell their parent, and to then have their worst nightmare come true.

I have held many of these kids in my arms. I wish I could take away their pain, but that isn’t really my role. I can show them unconditional love, but that void of missing their parent will always be there for them – until the healing happens. I want THAT – I want to get to witness a whole bunch of stories of people who were estranged but have found peace and healing. That would be glorious!! I can’t wait for that day … for people of faith to not care what their Christian friends say or think. The day when they realize – “This is my kid, and I love them no matter what anyone else tells me or thinks of me!” That will be a day to remember!!! A day to be PROUD of!!




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6 06 2012
Clare Flourish

Thank you for being an ally.

I may be telling you something you know already, but you can hear pain without carrying it. Imagine that you are Earthing it, like a lightning rod earthing lightning: it passes through you and is gone. Imagine the relief the person gets from telling you. Know that the pain would be there whether you heard it or not, and know that you have done good by sympathising. See beauty in that, and God’s good work.

And- enjoy Pride! Ordinary people having fun! What is not to like?

6 06 2012

Thanks so much Clare! I have worked for many years to not take on other people’s feelings. I have come a long way – but still need to work on it. This image is just perfect for me!! I am going to be using this! Hugs and thanks again!!

7 06 2012
switching teams

Great blog post. You are doing so much to help others.

14 06 2012

thanks so much!!

20 08 2012

switching – thanks! I hope so…

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