Diversity Dragon

14 06 2012

Pride is almost here!! Do you love this picture of our 40 foot Diversity Dragon?!!! It will say PFLAG down the side!! That is me in the middle and my sweet mama waaaaaaayyy down the hallway holding the tail. I can not really explain the excitement in my soul about this dragon!! Can’t wait to see it in “action” swerving down Main St USA this Saturday!!!

We had so much fun working hours together on this project. I LOVE the people God has brought into my life over the past few years since I became open-minded. Honestly they are so much more fun that the people I used to hang out with! I find it very ironic that I have spent hours and hours with gay men, lesbians, transsexuals, and bisexuals – and NO one tried to convert me – not once! I am being a bit sarcastic here – but that is honestly one of the things I was taught in my homophobic church growing up. Maybe because the church’s mission is to recruit people they assume everyone has that agenda? I have no idea the truth about why they teach things like this – or that we will somehow be corrupted. It is all just a false, fear based mentality.

Here is the truth that I PRAY people begin to realize – there is no “gay agenda” other than wanting equal rights. Which only seems fair since these adults pay all the same taxes the straight people are paying – shouldn’t they have the same benefits? Also, I hope people will realize that queer people are JUST LIKE US straight people. They really and truly are. As humans we all just want to be treated with dignity and respect and to find a happy place in this world. We want to leave a mark on this earth and hopefully make a difference. That is what we all want.

I have some amazing friends – and I am finding the more open-minded I am, the more fun friends I find in my path! Fear robs us of a lot of things – I am not going to let it rob me of people any longer. The more diverse friends I have, the more enriched my life becomes. It is beautiful, just like a rainbow. A rainbow of a single color isn’t very fun to look at – and neither was my circle of friends most of my life. I am now getting more and more colors in my friendship rainbow – and it just brings more joy and fun to life!!! This weekend is gonna be AMAZING!!!!




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