13 07 2012

I have been thinking lately, and this seems as good a place as any to put words to my thoughts. I am not sure why, but recently my thoughts have drifted back to my previous religious experiences. I can still remember that gut fear that would pop up. I am unsure if I am going to be able to put this into words but I am going to try.

I remember being told things about needing to be careful of people or things or ideas that would lead me astray and draw me away from God. Almost as if even though I am desiring to be close to God that some evil will pull me away from God without me realizing it. If you really think about it – not only does it not really make sense, it isn’t even bible based theology. The bible says nothing can snatch us from God’s hand – NOTHING.

Not that long ago my daughter had a friend over for a play date. This little girl attends a very conservative Christian church. We were driving down the road and my son was humming. The little girl, with fear and concern in her voice, exclaimed: “oh – be very careful! You may accidentally pray to the wrong God.” UM – we didn’t say much but it was a pretty big discussion back home later that night after the little girl had gone home. This is precisely the type of fear based theology I am talking about. Either God is all-powerful or He isn’t worth much really. I mean honestly, if he doesn’t know that someone is just humming and condemns them – who wants to worship THAT God?!! Count me out please.

I really am getting someplace with all of this – I think this is precisely why people of faith are afraid to get to know gay people. Or liberal people. or democrats (LOL! sorry I had to throw that in there. I was actually told once that Republicans are the only political party that is bible based. BUT let’s not go there tonight – that could open up a whole different can of worms!) or anyone that doesn’t fit their cookie cutter mold looks or acts like. I think it is a fear that they will somehow be dragged against their will away from their God. The bible proclaims over and over again that fear is not of God. I think God fully intends us to use our brains – how boring it would be if we were all just His puppets. He gave us free will and intelligence for a reason – it wasn’t by accident. Doesn’t it stand to reason that He wants us to use our brains and not be afraid?

I don’t really have the answers… just more questions really. I guess this will go on as long as people are taught that they are going astray from God if they question things – like their Pastor’s sunday sermon or what their church says about being gay. I just think it is an interesting insight that I hadn’t considered. Many Christian churches work as a dictatorship and not a democracy. If someone questions the leader’s beliefs then they must be the one who is wrong – I mean a pastor couldn’t be after all?! Just my thoughts tonight… what are yours?




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18 07 2012

Nice!!!babe I love you!

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