20 07 2012

Today is a sad day in America. Another gunman gone mad. Innocent people are dead and injured today because they chose to do a crazy thing and go to a midnight movie. It isn’t crazy really – my kids went to the 12:06am showing last night. Why 12:06? Because the 12:01, 12:03, 12:04 were all sold out. We live in a fairly small town with a large college campus – so things like midnight showings are very popular.

When I woke up this morning, I rolled over and picked up my kindle and started scrolling Facebook. I began seeing the story of the Colorado shooting. My heart sank immediately and I jumped out of bed and open the curtains to make sure my son’s car was in the driveway. Yes, there sat the red mustang – my kids were safe and sound sleeping away in their bedrooms. I can say that – but many parents in Colorado can’t say that today.

I guess these things just bring home for me how short and unpredictable life is. We have absolutely what today or tomorrow will hold. We humans, myself included, let the silliest things get in the way of our relationships. I wonder about the ones who died last night or are fighting for their lives today. Were there people they were estranged from. I guess because I live in a world where I often meet people whose families have disowned them due to their sexuality I wonder if any parents lost children last night that they had disowned. Are they regretful or had they already let them go in their heart so it doesn’t hurt as much today? I just wonder if they will spend the rest of their lives wishing they had done things differently. That would be an awful thing to live with for the rest of your life.

Love and acceptance seems like such a better choice than hate and judgement.




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20 07 2012

that was great babe! life is short

21 07 2012

Another great blog Michelle! It seems like we all take life for granted everyday and we always tell ourselves “oh I will do it tomorrow, or I will call her tomorrow..etc”……there may NOT be a tomorrow. This tragedy has greatly affected me by just the simple thought of these innocent people were going to a movie for some entertainment and down time and they ended up going through total hell in a split second. I just read a story about a young man dying because he was shielding and protecting his girlfriend. God Bless that young man and his family. I take a vow to myself to tell all those that i love and care about how I feel about them and I am blessed I do not have estrangements between me and my family. Thanks again Michelle for all your blogs…… I love reading them!

20 08 2012

I know what you mean Karel – when we went to see Batman I just kept thinking how unreal it would be if someone suddenly jumped up and started shooting! Crazy!! We must live everyday to the fullest – because we just never know do we? I really do appreciate all of your kind words and support of my blog – it means so much to me!!

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