Will it End?

30 07 2012

The first year that my son came out, we lost some family friends. It was hard in a way, but at the same time I felt relief that it was over. I guess my feelings were: “well, it is hard to find out these people really did have conditions on our relationship, but the good news is that I will now know for sure who my true friends are”. Now, almost three years later,  there is much of the same happening. I sometimes think this whole Chick-Fil-A thing has everyone in an uproar – and the entire point is being missed. I live in an area where there aren’t even Chick-Fil-A restaurants, yet I am losing friends over my stance against them.

I thought this was behind us? I thought by now that all of my friends knew where I stood and even if they aren’t in the same place that I am, I thought they at least accepted me  as I am. I am suddenly getting emails and Facebook messages that I am offending their faith. Which is ironic since I am also a Christian. It is the close mindedness that all “true” Christians take the bible literally. All “true” Christians know that the bible clearly tells us that homosexuality is wrong. I feel like a broken record. How many times do I have to explain my stance on this? I used to believe it was wrong too – but once I started my own research – with an actual open mind to seek the truth, I found out that the word homosexuality was added to the bible in 1946. There is also an explanation for every one of the “clobber” verses that are used to prove homosexuality is wrong. Just stop me now – or I will go on all night.

The point is – will this be my life? Will it never end that someone is always trying to steer me back to the “right” path? Granted – their heart is probably in the right place, they may honestly want to try to save me. I must give them the benefit of the doubt.

I know how to get it to end. I need to stop speaking up. I need to be quiet and just let them say what they want and smile and move on. Hell NO! I have been called to be an advocate. An advocate is willing to get in between someone and their attackers – an advocate takes the brunt of the attack. I will do that. Dang – I WANT to do that! I love my son, family members, and friends who are LGBT and I will gladly take the blow instead of them over and over again. I am not going anyplace  –  so bring it on!




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30 07 2012

You GO GIRL ! You are an instrument used by the Almighty God himself to bring light in darkness, wisdom in ignorance, and peace in otherwise hostile situations . You ARE planting seeds and even if you don’t see the fruit of that NOW , ONE DAY the words you are saying (over and over and over) will open their minds at just the right time. “Well done good and faithful servant !”

20 08 2012

ah Melissa – thanks so much!!!

31 07 2012

Another great writing.Love you

31 07 2012
switching teams

I totally agree. Well said!!

20 08 2012

switching teams – thanks!

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