I wish…

6 08 2012

Things I wish I had known years ago:

1) I wish I would’ve had some gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in my life – all of my life. I guess being homophobic, if I did know some they certainly weren’t “out” to me. If I would’ve had some friends – I would’ve realized how fabulously wonderful and Non-scary they are. That they wouldn’t hit on me or try to recruit me. Who started that lie anyway? It seems so dumb now that I know better.

2)I wish I would’ve realized that limiting my thinking to their “sex life” was perverted on my part. No relationship is based simply on sex. Sex is a small part of a GLBT person’s life, just like it is ours. I love my husband – but if his only redeeming quality was that he was good in bed, I doubt I would’ve stayed with him for 25 years. There has to be more there than sex for it to be a “relationship”.

3)number 2 leads us right here: I wish I would have known that LGBT people desire long-term relationships. I was always taught (by people who probably knew NO gay people by the way) that GLBT people were sleeping with anybody anytime and only wanted to play around. Are there GLBT people like that? Sure there are… but also plenty of straight people sleeping around as well. As straight people, we can sure set a double standard. Everyone just wants to be loved. I know plenty of people GLBT in long-term relationships – relationships that have outlasted many of my straight friends.

4)I wish I would’ve known how hurtful people of faith were being. There is this thing taught – I call it a “thing” because I am unsure what to call it. It is more of a feeling – I can feel it in my chest right now when I think of the church I grew up in. It comes from a place of fear. Fear that we will get off the “right path” and become corrupt. It isn’t just about gay people – it is about anything that we fear will cause us to get out of God’s will. I think it is also a fear to not trust yourself – as a sinner you could be misguided and then corrupt yourself. Maybe this is only in very strict denominations – I am not sure since I was in a strict denomination and then went to one that actually asks me to think. I don’t know where people are that lie in between the two. I am getting off subject. I just wish I had known then that in our fear of “being right with God” that we were hurting a whole lot of people. People that needed God’s love shown to them through us. I failed miserably.

5)I wish I had known there is NO Gay Agenda! You heard me right – NONE. It is all made up. Wanting to be treated equal is not an agenda, it is a civil right. LGBT people do not want to recruit your children or even to convince you to change your mind about them. They only want the same rights that the rest of us have. They pay the same taxes, fight in the same wars as military, put their hard-earned money back into our economy. They just want to be treated fairly. I wish I would’ve known that, because it certainly seems like a very small thing to ask for.




3 responses

6 08 2012

LIke this a lot girl!!!!!!!!

8 08 2012

Wow, I wish that there had been a blog like this when I came out. I was the most anxious about coming out to my mom (in 2001). She’s always been supportive, though; I had no reason to worry. 🙂

Your kid is lucky. 🙂

20 08 2012

MindHiatus – thanks! I am so glad your mom is supportive.

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