Bon Voyage Sweet Baby

5 09 2012


My baby is moving 2400 miles away. Well, he really isn’t a baby anymore, but to me, he will forever be my baby. I fell madly in love with him the moment I first heard his heartbeat. Of course I didn’t know who he was back then, didn’t even know if he was a girl or a boy. I certainly didn’t know he was queer. God knew though.

I hope that we can remain friends after I share with you that this bouncing baby boy was born after 15 minutes of hard labor. Of all three of my children, his birth was by far the easiest. The hardest part was trying not to push until the Dr actual walked through the door and got his gown on. I really wanted a boy, but at the time of the sonogram they couldn’t tell what sex the baby was. I was told that chances were he was probably a girl. You can not imagine the screaming that went on when that boy showed up!

He is a precious gift – he was then, and he is today.   

I had no idea that he was queer. I sometimes think it will be fabulous when they figure out the genetic testing for sexuality. I hesitate because I wonder how many Pro-life supporters will suddenly have a change of heart on that belief when they find out they are giving birth to a queer kid. I think it would be helpful for parents. We could’ve been more aware of making sure there was less “gender” pressure on our son. We could’ve gotten him more gender neutral clothes and toys. WAIT?!! What a novel idea! We are entirely too gender specific in our American Culture. Boys CAN and SHOULD wear pink and girls CAN and SHOULD play with cars and trucks. A test isn’t necessary to figure out this small intelligent choice. Kids need to be more comfortable with who they are, even if they are straight. Boys don’t automatically have to feel pressured to play football instead of piano, and a girl can grow up and be a car mechanic! Why not?!!

OK back on track… Reasons I am sad he is leaving:1) He has the greatest laugh in the entire world. 2) He has a generous spirit and reminds me to be mindful of those who are less fortunate. 3) He is an amazing big brother, and his little sister is really sad to see him move so far away.

Reasons that It really will be OK that he is going: 1)He will be home for Christmas – and let’s be honest – Christmas will be here before we know it! 2)He is following his dream of composing music and going to a college of music, something he can not do here. 3) As much as I will miss him, I would never do anything to hold him back from his dreams. I have no idea what the future holds, but I do know that this boy is destined for something big.

Bon Voyage, my sweet baby, Bon Voyage!!





3 responses

6 09 2012
Karel Howell Zaleski

As always i love reading your post…this one was excellent. I wish your son the best of luck in his new adventure and I hope his dreams come true. About that book you better get started on it right away, I can see a best seller in the future…you already have a reader for it…ME :).

6 09 2012

So now i am freaking crying in my office. !!!!!!!!!! The pictures did it…………..

9 09 2012

A beautiful post and lovely photos. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and brightening my Sunday,

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