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24 09 2012

We spent the weekend at a PFLAG Conference. It was really quite amazing!! I am still trying to digest it all. You know that feeling like you have gotten so much information that your head just might explode? I will try not to explode it all over you right now…

The Key Note speaker was a man named Bob Minor, who has a PhD in religious studies. I wish there was a way to describe what transpired at the conference inside of me! I will say – if you get a chance to read his books or see him in person – go!! He is well worth any amount of driving time it would take!

Just to share a few tidbits and not overwhelm you – one of the things he said was “when our kid comes out as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or anything else – we can thank them. We can thank them because it causes us to face our own issues about these things!” Isn’t that the truth? Yep – just ask this former bible beating homophobic mother!! I will FOREVER be grateful for the journey this has taken me on. I have never loved so deeply, not just my son, but all of humanity. I know I have not arrived, I am still trying to figure things out – but what a lovely journey to be on – one of love and acceptance instead of the one of judgement and “being right” that I was on for most of my life.

I think that I also came away feeling much more empowered to have a discussion with those loud, obnoxious, religious people who make me cringe. I am empowered because you know what? It is NOT my job to convince them of anything – because they do not want to learn and grow. They are stuck – and it is because of their own issues. One day – when equality happens – and it will my friend, it will, that day they will be forced to face their issues or stay miserable the rest of their lives. I used to think that I needed to help them on their journey – but I don’t. That isn’t my job!! Most empowering words ever: “some people interpret the bible that way – I don’t” or “I know some people believe that way – I don’t”. period – done – end of discussion!!! I don’t have to argue toe to toe about scripture!! You know why? Because they don’t want to nor will they even hear me anyway – again – their issue – not mine! Empowering huh? THANK YOU DR MINOR!!!

Are you familiar with PFLAG?( Parents, Family, Friends of Lesbians and Gays – also includes bisexual and transgender) PFLAG is mostly about stories. We are not mental health professionals counseling people. We are people coming together sharing our stories. Through telling our stories, we begin to heal and to also help others. Over the next few weeks I will continue to share stories about this past weekend. I hope it will bring you hope and empowerment!




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