25 09 2012

There are people in your faith community right now who are either gay or love someone close to them who is gay. Contrary to popular belief – gay and faith can coincide nicely. The majority of people of faith are loving non-judgemental people – the problem is that they seem to be louder than the rest of us. Read the short stories below (which all come from the Straight for Equality website – and think of the faces you see each Sunday morning. Some of these are not very different from some of the people you see on Sunday – I promise you that is true. They just have not figured out you are a safe place to share their story yet…

“I had many conservative friends who were wonderful, generous

people, but whom I felt had a huge blind spot when it came to

gay people. This created a crisis for me when my brother came

out. I became emotionally agonized by the conflict between the

people I respected and loved on the conservative side, and the

people I respected and loved who were gay. For the first time,

I found myself asking God to help me reconcile these things

and to help me seek the truth. I believe that God answered my

request. I found a local church, and told the minister I needed

to find a place with people who can help me seek God, and who

also would accept all of my family as they are. With the help

of that minister, I joined the church, and our congregation has

begun a journey to becoming open and affirming of gay people.”

~Sister of a gay brother


“When our daughter came out, we worried about letting people

at church know. We didn’t know how they would respond.

We even considered going to a new church, but we had been

members for our entire lives. Our children were raised in our

church. We couldn’t imagine our lives without the community

created by our faith family. When we finally got up the courage

to start confiding in a few people at church, it was much better

than we expected. While our faith is not open to LGBT issues

yet, the members of our church were very supportive.”

~Mother of a gender-variant daughter


“I heard homophobic remarks in church from both the

members and the pulpit. The minister told my family that the

congregation, including him, was afraid of us. For a while the

local wildlife refuge became my sanctuary, and then I heard

about a small, welcoming Episcopal church. The new church’s

members continue to surprise me – even offering space in their

bulletin for my PFLAG literature.”

~Mother of a gay son




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