10 10 2012

So, we received an 8×10 inch, full color, political ad in the mail. It isn’t the first one, tons of money is being poured into our poor little Montana state because the congress is trying to make sure there is a one party congress… I won’t say which party, but now that corporations are people, they can fund these types of things… This particular ad had our family riled up because it speaks about protecting the 5000 year-old tradition of marriage between a man and a woman.

I could go a lot of places with this – but I will try to rein it in – 1st of all – 5 years ago I would’ve bought into this fear tactic. I honestly don’t know what I believed if our country moved toward accepting gay marriage, but I do know that I was afraid. I had been told that if we accepted these things, then God would destroy our country just like he did Sodom and Gomorrah. I was certain that my kids would be taught to be homosexual in sex ed at school, and the list goes on and on doesn’t it? BAH HUM BUG!!!! When a person learns the facts – gay people are only wanting the same rights the rest of us already have. To be with their loved ones in their last dying days in a hospital. To be able to keep the home they have bought and lived in for 20 years together.

Gay people are NOT wanting to corrupt or indoctrinate ANYone!!! It is extremely ironic to me that it is actually the churches whose mission is to bring people into their way of thinking. They are actually doing what they accuse the liberals of doing!!! HAHAHA!! All you have to do is know a few from both sides to see that with the exception of a few loving caring people – most people on the other side of this thing are basing it is fear – not fact. The facts would be so much simpler – but they are afraid to see them or look for them. I don’t know if they are afraid to go away from what their leaders in these religious institutions are teaching or where the fear comes in. I personally think it is a form of brainwashing. If any person is told enough times and loud enough that a certain group is out to ruin their family – they will begin to feel threatened (even though the threat isn’t really real in this case).

I will stop ranting now… I will close with this. My husband is a remarkable man. He truly is a “man’s man”. He came to me when my son was 5 and said, “Look – you know you have our son in the two highest gay sports there are, don’t you?” At the time Jake was in gymnastics and figure skating. The next day I found Jake with my Victoria Secret magazine on the couch. I said, “what are you looking at?!” He exclaimed, “I like looking at naked women, Mama.” Ok – so in our minds – problem solved, crisis diverted!!! I think of that and LAUGH so hard!!! We were so ignorant back then that Bisexuality wasn’t even on our radar!!!

Thank God our family has been educated with facts and doesn’t function out of fear any longer. I shared with you that the day before my son moved away from Montana, a few months ago, that we had a negative experience in a restaurant. My son had his toenails painted and a man was very blatantly disgusted – staring and shaking his head. Well, my husband – this “man’s man” I am married to, has kept his toenails painted since that day. It is just a small way to be rebellious against society rules and to take a stand for our son. So, last night after we were through ranting about the ad, my partner said to our 10 yr old daughter, “my toenails are chipping off – please repaint them.” She LOVES painting nails – in fact, when she gets out the box of paints the dogs even run… but she lovingly obliged to the request and my husband is today at the Firestation sporting some pretty green nails inside his duty boots.

Our family may not be typical – but we are fabulous just the way we are, and we are no longer afraid. Thanks be to God!!





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10 10 2012

This entry came up in my feed and after reading it, I’ve spent the rest of my lunch hour reading other entries.

You have an inspiring blog and family. I hope everyone that needs to read your words finds your blog.


10 10 2012

Thank you much!! I hope it will help others on their journey!!

10 10 2012
switching teams

Great story about your husband! Great Post!

10 10 2012


11 10 2012

Thanks babe, that is an awesome rant

15 10 2012

Love you

20 10 2012
Jeanne Wojo

I love this post! My daughter is gay. Since she was a small child I have raised her to love and care for ALL people. Color, religion, sexual preference, etc have never mattered to me and I have passed that on to my three children. The only “prejudice” I have is against ignorance. My daughter was lucky enough to know that her entire family would support her on the day she “came out”. Kudos to you and your husband for being there for your child!

1 11 2012

Yay Jeanne!!! We are blessed parents!!! Your Daughter is blessed to have you as well!

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