PFLAG Journey to date…

18 10 2012

Last night was our October PFLAG Support Meeting. It was the largest meeting to date – the room was literally overflowing! PFLAG meetings are confidential – so I can not share all the beautifulness that happened in that room, but I can share a bit about how we got to this point.

I had never heard of PFLAG prior to my son coming out. We didn’t even have a chapter in our town. Well, there had been one several years before but it had slowly faded away. I just somehow knew I wanted to start another one. I wanted parents who were like me, trying to learn the best ways to support and accept their kids, to have a good place to go and be honest about their journey.

It has become so much more than that!! Last night we had Grandmas, and even an Uncle. We had straight allies, all of the letters were represented – LGBT and even Q. There was even an Uncle there!! What a lovely diverse group of people!!! OH- and the stories!!

There are young adults in our group who came as scared teens a few years back. Kids who had not come out at home and came month after month scared of what would happen when they did come out. Now, young adults – confident in who they are and oh such beautiful people!! It is amazing to watch people transition! Even me – who used to snivel and cry through every meeting – now I only cry occasionally! And usually it is happy tears!!

I would highly encourage you to find a PFLAG Chapter near you. Find a PFLAG Chapter – Maybe you feel that you don’t need any support at this point in your journey? Trust me – PFLAG needs your story. Parents struggling with their child’s sexuality need to see happy healthy LGBT individuals! LGBT individuals who are not accepted by their families always appreciate a hug from a substitute parent. LGBT individuals who are still trying to find their place in this world need to see your confidence and your assurance that they will get through the tough times and life will eventually feel much better.

Sometimes we overlook the most important people at PFLAG – our Allies! If equality is going to happen in our world – if one day people will not need to feel ashamed of their own or their family member’s sexuality – we can’t do it alone. It will take a whole LOT of straight people – standing along beside us and walking with us in this fight.

PFLAG is for everyone – and even though it will probably feel uncomfortable at first – it will actually be one of the greatest journey’s you have ever taken! I promise…




2 responses

18 10 2012

Wow what a great post and it’s so true we need more allies out there. I love that you still cry at the meetings. That you’re still a huge supporter. That is just phenomenal! I don’t know you, but I sure do love you.

1 11 2012

Hugs Journey!! and love right back at ya!!!

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