18 11 2012

I wish I had something profound or fabulous to write about today. I wish I could gather up that feeling deep inside me and put it into words. I wish I could convey to you the feeling of talking to someone who has been rejected by their family and friends when they came out to them. The pain and hurt in their eyes. The confusion that their parents would spend their whole lives teaching them to love God and others and then to reject them whole heartedly. Or even the pain when someone tells you they have hidden who they actually are for their entire life because they couldn’t face who they were themselves, much less come out to anyone else.

All because of who they love. Since putting words around it all is impossible – I can just hope and pray that everyone will one day be able to experience it themselves – then hearts would be softened and people would listen to others and actually hear them. Then hopefully the hurting and judgement will stop – because once you have seen and felt another’s pain for yourself – then you can never go back to the way you were before.




4 responses

18 11 2012

That someone is lucky to have you.

19 11 2012

thanks Susan! It goes both ways!!

18 11 2012

Beautifully written! I guess you did end up writing something profound and fabulous. (:

19 11 2012

ah thanks Thomas – It just never seems like I can find the words to describe what is inside of me… but I appreciate that to you it came across a bit!

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