A Mother’s Heart

27 11 2012

When my kids were little, it seemed so hard to be on their sleep schedule, which was very little sleep in general. I always just thought – “these are the hard years”. I really thought getting them grown was going to be the big accomplishment. Eighteen years and I would have accomplished my big feat – I would’ve survived – I could move on to other things.

Some of that is true I suppose. I have two grown children are have turned out to be some of the most amazing folks I have ever met!! Where I was wrong is that the hard part is over. What people try to tell you, but you don’t really comprehend until you become a parent is how much that little being wraps themselves around your heart. The older they get, the ties that bind you do not become less binding – in many ways it grows even stronger, although it changes, the love you have for them remains just as strong and binding.

As with any relationship where you truly love another person, when they hurt, you hurt. I actually think seeing them hurting is more painful than anything in my own life that gives me pain.

I told my husband the other night, “don’t you miss the days when we could easily console them. Some sugar and a few minutes on one of our laps, and then they would be off running.” I wish I could take away the pain, and make it all better. Once they are grown, we have to realize that is no longer our job. My job is to be supportive and love them through whatever they go through. I intend to continue doing that for the rest of my life. I also know this hurt won’t last forever. Not only do we hurt when they hurt, we get to revel in their joyful times as well. I am looking forward to more joyful times soon – hopefully!




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