Same Sex Marriage

5 02 2013

Did you hear that the United Kingdom is getting closer to legalizing same-sex unions? You can read about it here. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since 2009, six countries have legalized it. Wonder how long until the United States follows suit? We are living in very exciting times.

I know there will always be people who are ignorant – heck, on a weekly basis I still see people from the state I used to live in say racist things. The confusing thing is that these are good people. People who seem to have kind and loving hearts, yet will put down someone based on their race without batting an eye. I personally believe that much of it is culture – if they had a clue how hurtful they were being then they would probably change. Unfortunately, in certain parts of the country, these things are still the norm.

That being said, I am not naive enough to think that once laws change, everything will be roses. People will still be ignorant, but hopefully they will begin to slowly become more and more the minority.

Cheers to progress!!




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