A bit Angry…

29 03 2013

I began a little bit of a rant to a friend on Facebook yesterday. I hadn’t really realized how much frustration and anger I had pent up inside of me until I started typing and had trouble stopping. I decided then and there that I needed a therapeutic blogging session. So, here I am! Aren’t you lucky? Well, you can decide that for  yourself in a few moments…

So, this week, unless you have been living under a rock, which I sometimes do and am not underrating the wonderfulness of being oblivious to the world at times, then you know that the Supreme Court of our great country heard two seperate cases which both had a lot to do with gay rights. It was a great week, for the most part. I am a Facebook addict, see – I can admit to it! I noticed that this last week there was much less negative floating around on my wall, mostly because I scared many of the staunch fundamentalists away during the Chick-fil-A fun awhile back that we all had.

Now, this past week someone had the bright idea to “Go Red for Equality”. So, most people who support equal rights for LGBT people switched their profile pictures to some form of a red equality pic. I had several red pics pop up from friends – many who are straight people supporting equality and that always makes my heart happy. But I had a few, a very few I might add. That posted pictures that were either just a blue cross or a man and a woman and said “marriage”, things of this nature in opposition to equality. Some of these were people I really really like and they have a right to their opinion just like the rest of us, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it hurts a little bit.

It hurts because it is still that mentality that they are on God’s side and the rest of us are not. That you can not be a Christian and love God and support your gay friends and family. That is the piece that hurts. Because Jesus is my Main Man ya’ll. I consider us real tight and to be told that can’t be the case while I stand up for my tax paying LGBT friends and family to have the same rights as my tax paying straight friends and family is quite frankly offensive.

I get it – I really do – because embarrassingly that would have been me ten years ago posting such a profile picture. I would have been appalled at the “sin” of our nation and would have felt fear as well. Now, it just seems so unbelievably silly that I thought that. Logic and reason out the window, my pastor said so, so it must be true!! In the church I am in now, I can sit down with any one of my church leaders and question them on any topic. They would not be offended or defensive, they would welcome it! When I was in a fundamentalist church, that wasn’t the case. It was actually inferred that I was the one not in sync with God if I questioned anything the Pastor said. I guess this is the difference between churches that encourage you to use your brain that God gave you and ones who expect you to check it at the door.

I feel bad for these people, I really do. This week I keep putting myself back to the old me ten or more years ago and how I would have probably just been sick about what is happening in our country today. I know the people that really believe that homosexuality is a sin must just be thinking the world is ending. How scary is that? I would like to say something to you – if you are there. The bible repeats over and over again “do not be afraid”. Do you still believe God is on His throne and in control? If you do, and the country is heading towards equality, could it be remotely possible that God is heading it this way? I know that you have a rock in your gut right now. I had that rock many many times over the years as I wrestled with the issue of homosexuality in my own life. Now, that I think about it, I have not felt that rock in a very long time. That rock is fear, fear of drifting from God, fear of questioning all that you have believed your whole life. But the truth is, fear does not come from God. God brings peace and understanding. So, delve head first. Start researching. Find the truth for yourself – the truth will set you free.

And in the meantime, please be very careful about claiming to be more “Christian” or closer to God because you believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I know many LGBT Christians who walk with Jesus. He seems fine with them. Maybe that should be our first clue…




4 responses

29 03 2013
Rob Brunner

You have successfully taken the words right out of my mouth. It is nice to know that there are those with whom I can share some sense of solidarity. I am one who changed my pic to red and believe me, there were quite a few of those other posts that you described. So many words. So many excuses and pat phrases. It all left me feeling more division, side-taking, and self absorbed self righteousness than grace or forgiveness. To say simply thank you seems lacking… or maybe it isn’t.

2 04 2013

thanks Rob – I wish neither of us needed to say it… but it is what it is.

4 04 2013

Even though I’m straight and an Ally, you and I seem to have a lot in common. I really liked your post. I totally get the whole “used to think that way” mentality. And now, it appears, you and I are simply more enlightened. Period.


8 04 2013

Emily – I sure hope so. I know it is a much better place to be – and hope I just keep on growing!! thanks!

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