Deja Vu

19 12 2013

Oh how I remember the days of the Chic-fil-a controversy with a heavy heart. Weeks and weeks of Facebook posts and media attention. What I remember the most is the pain in my heart, just like a knife, when I would see a family member or friend, one I particularly feel great affection for, like or share a post supporting Chic-fil-a. Last night and today feel like deja vu, only it isn’t about Chic-fil-a, it is about Phil and Duck Dynasty.

Close your eyes and imagine the person you love the very most in this world. The person that you love so much that you would die for. I am not trying to be dramatic here, I am being literal. If it came right down to you or them, you would give up just about anything to see them live a joyful, long life. Not that anyone will probably ever ask it of you, unless you are involved in some freak train accident where you push them out-of-the-way but you don’t have time to save yourself, but the person you would literally risk your life for. Now think of someone saying vile, untrue, hurtful things about that person you love with your whole being. It would just seem so wrong, wouldn’t it?

As if that pain wasn’t enough, now think of people who you hold dear. People in your life that you think very highly of, and have great respect for. Imagine if these people you love  begin to stand up and speak out. But it isn’t in defense of this person that you would give your life for, it is in defense of the one who spoke up and said the untrue hurtful statements. Your friends and family begin to defend his freedom of speech to say these things. They tell you that he has every right to say whatever he feels just as we all do.

Now, you have a small glimpse of what it feels like to be the mother of a LGBT kid. A kid who is pure and good and loving and kind and just happened to be born queer. Yes, my heart is heavy today.




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