PFLAG Odessa, TX

27 08 2013

My mom recently invited me to go on a trip with her. She will be attending her 48th High School Reunion. It is in New Mexico. We will also spend a few days in my hometown, Odessa, TX. I was born and raised there and spent the first 30 years of my life in Odessa. I am excited to go see a few folks and to eat some great food. I am especially excited to be a guest at PFLAG Odessa. I can not believe I have been gone for over 10 years, will be in town for 3 days and it worked out to coincide with their monthly meeting.

When I contacted the president of PFLAG to check on the meeting, everything just fell together. Through a series of emails she asked me to speak that night and of course I said yes. Then as emails progressed she eventually had all of my info for a short introduction on their website including my maiden name in case anyone would recognize it. Then she casually mentioned that she was going to run an announcement in the local papers for the meeting.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that scared me a bit. Not for myself, per say, but I have some other family members whom I share that name with who are not really as supportive of equality as I am. I was a little concerned about how they would feel having their name associated with this controversial subject. The next day I mentioned it to my mom. She paused for a moment and I thought for sure she was going to say something like: “I am not so sure that is a good idea.”

But she did not. She paused and then in her thick southern accent said, “well, honey, this is how I see it. If someone wants to get upset or not be our friend over this, they were never really our friend anyway.”

You go Mom!!! She is of course 100% correct. I love my bisexual son, always have, always will. Just like I love my straight daughter and will love my youngest no matter who she turns out to love. If someone has a problem with that, it is exactly that – THEIR problem – no mine. And I refuse to let it be.

I believe that it was God that coincided my short visit exactly at the same time as PFLAG Odessa’s meeting. I have always prayed daily – “Lord, send me.” So, who am I to not go when He calls. I will go and share my story. I will laugh and cry with new friends as we join together across this nation to increase knowledge and spread love – one town at a time, one meeting at a time. one person at a time. It is my honor to be a part of that!!!!


Same Sex Marriage

5 02 2013

Did you hear that the United Kingdom is getting closer to legalizing same-sex unions? You can read about it here. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since 2009, six countries have legalized it. Wonder how long until the United States follows suit? We are living in very exciting times.

I know there will always be people who are ignorant – heck, on a weekly basis I still see people from the state I used to live in say racist things. The confusing thing is that these are good people. People who seem to have kind and loving hearts, yet will put down someone based on their race without batting an eye. I personally believe that much of it is culture – if they had a clue how hurtful they were being then they would probably change. Unfortunately, in certain parts of the country, these things are still the norm.

That being said, I am not naive enough to think that once laws change, everything will be roses. People will still be ignorant, but hopefully they will begin to slowly become more and more the minority.

Cheers to progress!!

Caterpillar to Butterflies…

30 10 2012

I have met several new LGBT people lately. Most are pretty confident in who they are. They feel strong that they are who they are, and that even if not everyone they meet understands – they are OK with who they are. Then there are those who are still trying to figure that all out. It is a brave and courageous journey. I admire them so very much.

It is really fun to watch someone go from being a scared, timid, insecure person hiding who they are to being a person who is starting to accept themselves. I don’t think it happens overnight. Let’s face it – even as a straight person, I have struggled with accepting myself. We all have our battles and our demons. One reason I do the work I do and why I feel so passionate about fighting this fight alongside my LGBT family and friends is that being LGBT shouldn’t be something to “overcome”. One day it won’t be an issue. I believe that with all of my heart or I wouldn’t keep fighting. We certainly don’t have support groups for “people with green eyes”. I mean they may be out there, but certainly I have never in my lifetime heard anyone put down for the color of their eyes. Although we don’t choose our eye color anymore than we choose to be gay or straight.

I had some weird dreams last night. The 1st dream I ran my 1st 5k – which if you are following my other blog will make sense to you. The 2nd dream I had was about me confronting the people who told me growing up that being gay was a choice and a sin. Man – I let them HAVE it! I was like: “If you still actually believe being gay is a choice and a sin then you are beyond ignorant.” It seems like a strong statement, but it is the truth really. Of course, these are the same people who probably believe that you can’t be a Christian and believe in evolution – or at least that is what they also taught me when I was young as well. Where does their fear of science come from. I know where it does not come from – God. You can not study science and not see God in it. Anyway – subject for another blog.

Back to the evolution. It brings tears to my eyes to see how some of these people have gone from scared insecure people to strong, mentally healthy spirits. It reminds me much of a caterpillar to a butterfly. So, if you are reading this, and still feel like a caterpillar – have hope my friend – there is a wonderful, beautiful future ahead for you. There are many of us who will sit patiently by you and hold your hand as you crawl into the cocoon. We won’t leave your side until you are flying off on your own and loving you – exactly as you are. You are not alone – I believe in you – even on the days you do not believe in yourself.